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Thankful for Cockroaches

My wife and I attend Woodland Park Baptist Church where we also belong to a small study group led by a buddy of mine. His name is Danny Cooper. Danny has a heart about the size of Tennessee, loves the Lord and works at Komatsu building big trucks. This past Sunday he asked the group to grab five kernels of corn out of a basket and be ready to talk about the five things each person was most thankful for. A number of folks got up and spoke about their salvation, the presence of the Lord in their life, their spouse, their kids, their health and stuff like that. This significance of the five kernels of corn is that the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving each had five kernels of corn to represent what they were thankful for during their first winter in the new land. Here is a link to a little thing about that.

My wife didn’t get up in front of the group to speak although she ain’t shy, there simply wasn’t enough time. Later on Sunday afternoon, she related to me that if there would have been time, she would have told the group that she was thankful for “cockroaches”. Sounded like a pretty weird thing to be thankful for I thought, but she went on. She reminded me that she had recently returned from a medical mission trip to El Salvador, Central America. One night the mission team stayed in a rinky dink “roach” hotel in El Salvador that was literally overrun by cockroaches. Although she would probably tell you that having to spend the night in a “roach” hotel is far from what some true missionaries deal with daily. Noting a small suffering on the way to really celebrating your blessings is a good thing. That was my wife’s point is that we are really blessed and should be very thankful. I got it. I have heard it said also that “the wellspring of Thanksgiving is the beginning of the real understanding of Grace.”

Happy Thanksgiving…and I am thankful for each and every one of you too.

Corky Coker

Posted 11/21/2007