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She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

My wife puts up with a whole dang lot outa me buyin this n that, going to car shows, rod-runs and swap meets, restoring cars, trucks, motorcycles, buildings and barns and being a cowboy gentleman farmer (no emphasis intended on the gentleman). I love livin on the farm. I have a border collie named Banjo, two tractors, a skid loader, a dump truck, an antique John Deere H and 45 acres to play/work on. Nothing relieves the stress of the week better than bush-hogging or diggin a hole w a backhoe.

One of my guys at the Company is in charge of trucks n trailers, buildings and such. He keeps the trucks trucking and the pumps pumpin. He took a bunch of older truck n trailer stuff to a big local equipment auction recently. All was going well getting rid of old stuff reducing the rollin stock until I showed up at the auction. “We” saw this cool big honkin Massey Ferguson 4WD tractor w front end loader, AC in the Cab and all the cool stuff. It was sitting in the line up next to a brand new John Deere the same big honkin size. Kindall Jolly (trucks truckin and pumps pumpin guy) decided it would be a good buy because it didn’t look as good as the Deere but was late model. I left the auction so to behave and not buy something. Kindall bought it. And, now our shop is painting and fixing it up. Here are the before and after pictures. Our boys can fix, restore or repair anything! My wife really doesn’t think my tractor’s sexy, she just said “Oh brother, whaddya buy now?”

I think it is sexy though, don’t you?

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Posted 10/26/2012