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Nicknames like Corky and Pinky…

Mr. Chevrolet himself, Pinky Randall.
My name “Corky” is a nickname… my mom wanted to name me a bible name so she came up with Joseph, which means “he will have a big mustache one day”. Although my mom named me Joseph, my dad nicknamed me “Corky”. All that to tell you that nicknames given to us as kids often stick. Did with me, and one of my friends too! My friend I wanna introduce you to also has a nickname,… it’s Pinky. Now that COULD seem like a girly kind of name sort of like the boy named Sue, but it really ain’t. You see M. G. Randall had a brother nicknamed “Red”, and since Red’s little brother didn’t sound right and neither did “little Red” so when he was a kid, someone named him “almost red”, or ….you guessed it! “Pinky”! Now why is that important to me and why is Pinky Randall on Corky’s blog? Well, he’s one of my long time friends for one thing, and it’s my blog and I can write what I wanna. Actually, Pinky is one of the most well known authorities on Chevrolets. Some folks call him Mr. Chevrolet. He and his wife Joyce live up in Houghton Lake, Michigan. Pinky was a good friend of GM’s Jim Perkins and was actually selected to take delivery of the last Chevrolet Impala back a few years ago. He, like my pop is a Past President of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA). I have known Pinky for years. He is one of my good, good friends and is certainly a friend to anyone around collector cars. I saw him recently in Louisville at the 75th Anniversary AACA National Meet. Jason filmed it, so I thought I would put er up!

Posted 07/09/2010