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As most of you know, I like to drive my cars, and you can bet the really fun ones I enjoy driving always have a manual transmission. When a collector car like my ’37 Shafer 8 Indy car is driven to it’s maximum capability, it’s a sweet symphony of hand, eye and foot coordination. Matching the RPM between shifts, working the clutch and steering into a full-on-sideways-slide is a full-body workout, and I’ve come to realize the importance of proper footwear, when it comes to aggressive driving. The slightest slip, miss-shift, or miscue can result in engine damage, or even a crash, so traction on the pedals is just as important as traction on the driving surface,…and I know something about traction. Looking good while doing all this driving stuff is pretty important too!
That’s why the line of Piloti shoes grabbed my attention. Piloti’s have race-ready features combined with everyday comfort, making them a favorite among car enthusiasts on and off the track. Piloti mixes the best of both worlds by offering its patented Roll Control spherical heel to aid in aggressive driving, while the athletic design provides plenty of cushion, unlike most racing shoes. Numerous NASCAR, Formula One, and Vintage Racing drivers and just plain old country boy car guys like me wear Piloti shoes. Real car guys have several pair! Check out their awesome selection of shoes at <> , or you can call Piloti at 805-494-0756 and tell them Corky Coker sent you!


Posted 10/01/2009