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Good cars, Great big prices, Great Theatre and…

…goodness gracious it’s Governor Palin!


Well, its January and again I had the opportunity to skoot on out to Scottsdale for all the party around several great auction companies in Scottsdale. A friend of mine in the marketing/pr kinda business named Richie Fliegler lives in the Phoenix area. One time I was doing a radio interview with him at the Car Crazy radio booth there at Barrett Jackson with Alan Taylor. Richie admitted his addiction to the Barrett Jackson Auction. During his admission, he related that he had discovered “car-porn” ….which Richie related is highly addictive. Watch it all day in person, and when you finally have to go home or to your hotel….you watch it live on Speed or on your Tivo. Car Porn. I thought it was inventive.

This year before I got started at the auctions, I had the opportunity to meet with my friends on the Board of Directors of the Collector Foundation. We are interested in “bringing back shop class” and making sure that kids get fired up about the collector vehicle hobby. We fund programs around the nation that jump start at risk young people around building, restoring and fixing collector vehicles. We also wanna make sure that no skill is lost! Think about it. Some of these guys are older than dang it now, and are dying off. These guys need apprentices! The young people need a passion for a life’s work! To do this good work, we need good folks to help financially so we can fund these programs. Check it out at

Lots of cool cars. Barrett-Jackson had a lot more classic and high end cars. Good job Gary, Craig and Steve and all the crew at Barrett Jackson. Glad to see you bring back in some of the hard core vintage stuff. We just picked a 56 210 Chevrolet two door on Barn Finds television, so it was nice to see this one bring 87,000 bucks. Son in law Manager of Honest Charley Garage said I should not expect that ours will be an 87k car, because we are spending about 30 to 35k worth of time on it. Our 56 Chevrolet resto-mod will reveal on television some time when Travel Channel puts the show on the air.

Several of us hopped over to the Biltmore on friday to see RM Auctions yank 7.4 million out the crowd for a SWB Ferrari from the sixties. Amazing such a GREAT BIG PRICE. Yowza! I also heard that Gooding had sold one as well the day before for the same money or maybe 100 grand more! Two Yowza’s!


Wade (Coker Group Executive VP and head LA wheel dude) and I stopped by to see my buddies Josephine and Drew Alcazar’s Russo and Steele Auction for a few hours yesterday too. Drew is always gracious and puts on quite a theatre of car stuff. His arena is kind of like a gladiator ring. If you get a chance, you gotta go to Russo and Steele. Great cars, and Great theatre. Ring man, Marty is THE best in the business! Wade, and Barry Meguiar and I were participating visually ringside when none other that the Governor herself came in the ring riding shot gun in a Shelby Cobra. Yep…. Todd’s wife……the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Now I know that I like her. She hunts, shoots guns, believes in smaller government and is a CAR GIRL!


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Posted 01/19/2013