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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

If you like country music and have a fond place in your heart for Cowboys, you have probably heard that famous country song listed in the title of my blog entry. Actually i have a number of hero’s other than Cowboys and high up on that list are those who have dedicated themselves to another one of my passions which is Bluegrass Music. It is really America’s music and my favorite instrument is the 5 sting banjo. My good friend Reed Martin, who is a clawhammer style iconic picker introduced me to some of my newest heros…. Audie Blaylock and Redline. Audie is an Indiana boy who has been playing Bluegrass for years. He played with another Bluegrass Icon, Jimmy Martin. Audie gave me a number of his CD’s and man that young man can sing. Another thing i like about him is that he is a true blue died in the wool car guy, motorhead……hence the name of his band: Redline.

Corky Coker
Corky standing with bluegrass buddies, Audie Blaylock and Russ Carson.

Pictured with me is the young 22 year old blond headed banjo whiz kid, Russ Carson who can rip the snot out of his banjo. You really should check them out and more importantly, make sure that your favorite Bluegrass Festival has them booked. or you can search them on youtube and hear some of their great music.

You go boys! If I didn’t have this tire gig, I would be out there pickin my banjo with ya!


Posted 10/10/2011