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Corky's Cooler'n
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A New Coker…or Two

My father’s father was one of 13 brothers and sisters raised in the hills of Western North Carolina in a little area near Murphy called Brasstown. His name was Hardy but everyone including folks in the community called him Pop. Pop died a few years back at 97 years young. Fast forward a few years to Greg Cunningham moving with son Taylor to Chattanooga, falling in love with my daughter Casey and getting married. Taylor needed names for his new grandparents so out came Mimi and Pop Corky. I like it immediately because Pop Coker was gone and it was special to Taylor.

So you get the gist of this blog is that Corky is not just Corky any more but “Pop Corky” fondly referred to by my grandson to his grandfather. Well it aint over… Greg and Casey are now pregnant ….with Twins…..Twin boys! Here’s a copy of the scan!

Posted 05/03/2010