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A Man’s Boots

Being from the South, most men down here have cowboy boots. You can imagine I have my fair share of them, and that’s generally what I wear on a daily basis, if I don’t have to have a big fancy meeting. Heck, who am I kiddin? I wear em to those anyways!

Each Christmas, our family has been in a competition to where we try to “win” the gift giving. Keep in mind this isn’t a “who can buy the biggest/most expensive gift” type of competition, but more of a “perfect gift” for the person they are giving it to. This past year, my son won the competition by making a photo album (of pictures he took) of my twin grandson’s first birthday. My wife & daughter were all teary-eyed, so you guessed it, Cameron won.

A couple years ago, my daughter, Casey gave me a pretty large box for Christmas. As you can imagine, we generally try to give the “best” gift last, but this gift was unwrapped mid-opening, so I didn’t expect as big of a surprise as I got.

Upon opening this big box, I saw two large leather boots. Casey started to tell me how she didn’t know if they would fit or not, but she knew I would appreciate them since they looked like the old school type, and I could display them next to an old Harley or Excelsior of mine. By golly, these things were perfect! What she didn’t know was that I had been looking at these types of boots on the internet recently and had planned on getting some, but they weren’t cheap!

As I pulled these boots out of the box, I started to notice, “Heck! These look like my size!”. I tried them on, they fit like a glove! Walking around the house with these new boots, Casey started to tell me the story of how she came about getting them. She’s always been a thrift store gal, and loves to find treasures just like her Pops. Casey was wandering around in a thrift store in Murfreesboro, TN in the shoe section and came upon these things. The boots had the number 49 written in red ink on the bottom. Figuring $49 seemed to be reasonable for a pair of leather boots, she walked up to the cashier to pay for them. As she handed the lady her credit card, the woman gave her a weird look and said, “Maam, you mean to tell me you want to put 49 cents on a credit card?”. Yup, 49 cents. She couldn’t believe it.

Long story short, Casey definitely won Christmas that year with a 49 cent purchase. A purchase that I’ve since worn the tar out of, and even had to get resoled! They go pretty good with my 1927 Harley Davidson ‘pea-shooter’ Board Track Racer don’t ya think?

Posted 09/05/2012